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Jenny Evans Biography

Ms. Evans has spent her professional career fine tuning her communication techniques to attain the most effective means of promoting Alaskan businesses, organizations and communities. Her diverse experience in marketing, management, administration, technical writing and public communications has provided her the expertise to quickly assess the needs of her clients and expertly develop plans to reach their goals.

Jenny’s breadth of experience includes brand development for the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, Providence Alaska Medical Center, Girl Scouts of Alaska, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, The Alaska Club and NEA-Alaska. Additionally, Ms. Evans has developed strategic plans, communications plans and multimedia campaigns that included television, radio and print advertising as well as website development and collateral design.

Most notable, Ms. Evans produced an 8-minute documentary film for the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission to increase awareness of the importance of subsistence whaling to the communities along the arctic coast of Alaska. This documentary was featured at the International Whaling Commission Convention in Panama City, Panama in 2012. Ms. Evans has since utilized the film to secure additional funding to expand this story to 60 minutes. The full documentary will be completed in 2016 and will be utilized to further educate the world on the importance of subsistence whaling to the survival of the Inupiat and Yupik cultures.

In the public relations field, Ms. Evans has implemented strategic communication plans for the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, Nome Eskimo Community, the Arctic Waterways Safety Committee, and Girls Scouts Alaska. She has successfully coordinated international media tour, which have resulted in numerous press articles as well as increased awareness for her clients.

Ms. Evans is also a skilled grant writer. As securing funding becomes increasingly competitive, she has the experience necessary to efficiently and successfully research, write, submit and administer grants. Working with public agencies, non-profits, the private sector, communities and tribes, Ms. Evans has garnered a breadth of knowledge that provides a distinct advantage in positioning an organizations projects to the highest level of competition.

She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of government mandates and public policy, as well as federal and state funding regulations. She has worked with clients to build collaborative partnerships that optimize their potential for successful funding. Ms. Evans will strategically match a community or organizations needs with appropriate funding to secure long-term funding and ensure sustainability.

Jenny Evans is a principal and founding partner of Rural Alaska First. She is a marketing, public relations, and grant writing consultant with nearly 25 years of experience. A lifelong Alaskan, Ms. Evans brings a thorough understanding of the unique needs of rural Alaskan communities and is committed to helping them build sustainable economies while preserving the cultural identity of their peoples.

She also understands the complexity of issues faced by the indigenous people of the Arctic. Increasing development in the Arctic, climate change, and public policy are all threatening resources vital to the survival of subsistence communities. Ms. Evans has spent the last five years advocating for aboriginal subsistence rights, developing mitigation measures to protect the habitat of marine mammals, raising awareness about food security and the nutritional and cultural value of their subsistence way of life.