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Rural Alaska First worked with Nome Eskimo Community (NEC) to develop a program and secure funding through the Department of Justice for their Youth Services Department. Utilizing this funding, a program titled MyChoiceMyFuture was developed through the NEC's Youth Program. This innovative program features one-to-one mentoring, Life Skills, Training, focuses on improving academic success, provides training on successful transition into adulthood and mentoring on how to live an alcohol and drug free life. The campaign utilizes social media components to engage youth in the messaging and increase awareness about the program offered. By utilizing the hashtag #mychoicemyfuture as the campaign and program name, our strategy was to emphasize the correlation between the choices youth make now and the impact those choices will have on their future. We want our youth to think about the consequences of their choices and empower them to make good choices despite outside pressures and influences. This campaign included television, radio, print and social media components.

building sustainable Alaskan communities



Rural Alaska First gets great satisfaction from and takes pride in advocating for the subsistence hunting and fishing rights of the indigenous people and communities along the Arctic coast of Alaska. Marine mammals have provided food security for the Inupiat and Yupik peoples since time immemorial. In 2012, Rural Alaska First worked with the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission to produce an 8-minute documentary film demonstrating the importance of the subsistence hunt of the bowhead whale. This documentary was utilized at the International Whaling Commission meeting in Panama City, Panama to assist with obtaining a quota renewal for Alaska Native hunters. Rural Alaska First is currently expanding this documentary, which when completed, will be 60-minutes in length.

Ilitqusia Agvigum (Spirit of the Whale)



Rural Alaska First provides consultation on the development of brochures, annual reports and newsletters. Listening to the needs of its partners, Rural Alaska First will develop concepts, provide editorial support, and design professional collateral material that effectively communicates key messages to target audiences.




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